About Al Bredenberg, the Original Online Copywriter:

Al Bredenberg had been a freelance copywriter and marketing consultant for four years when he began exploring the Internet as a communications medium in 1993. In 1995, he opened Copywriter.com as an online-oriented copywriting and marketing consultancy.

He was one of the first marketers to recognize the value of permission-based email as a weapon in the marketer’s arsenal. In 1996, he opened EmailResults.com, the largest online marketplace for opt-in email lists and marketing services.

As a copywriter and marketing-communications professional, Al Bredenberg’s main strengths have been in technology and business-to-business marketing. He specializes in creating marketing copy for complex technologies, products, and services — and communicating persuasively to professional procurers and executive-level decision makers.

He can offer particular expertise in improving customer relationships, loyalty, and retention. His skills in interaction design and online content development make him a valuable resource for companies that want to develop a strong web presence and engage with an online audience.

Since the early days of online marketing, Al Bredenberg has continued to provide copywriting and marketing consulting services, while working on intensive projects in communications, online content development, innovation research, and strategic consulting.

He is a strong advocate of integrated marketing and can be relied on for copywriting projects in conventional print media, collateral, direct mail, and public relations.

Al Bredenberg is the author of The Smart Business Guide to Internet Marketing and Profitable E-Marketing: Success Strategies That Pay Off.