“Al Bredenberg understood the power of the Internet before just about anyone else. He’s been the secret weapon behind some of the most successful e-marketing campaigns, and his view of the future is the single most valuable strategic tool for online businesses.”

— Peter Temes
President,The Great Books Foundation

“It’s anything but easy to talk convincingly to the professional market – architects, construction contractors, and engineers know when you’re snowing them – but Al does it with the kind of spare, punchy, unpretentious style you always need to do effective DM. He also happens to be fast, efficient, reliable, dedicated – and has that trait that’s all-too-rare among copywriters these days: He listens. I recommend him highly … unless, of course, it means he’ll be unavailable for my next assignment!”

— Dick Hartzell
Creative Manager, Direct Marketing, McGraw-Hill Professional Book Group

“… a creative person who has the unusual added quality of a business person’s viewpoint.”

— Lucille R. Wooding
Vice President for Institutional Advancement, Eastern Connecticut State University

“Al made an immediate impact, aggressively shifting our content and development priorities toward the needs and work patterns of our customers. Al taught us that true customer focus is very difficult to establish and requires a tremendous amount of discipline to maintain.”

— Bradley G. Fisher
President and CEO, Tailwind Inc.